New Construction- Arlington


From hire to sold, this project lasted a total of seven days and sold for $30k over asking. Had it not been Staged I can all but guarantee it would not have sold this fast. Here’s why.

The third floor problem: I will go into greater detail about how I made the space work and show photos in another post, but suffice it to say - the third floor made no sense. It was huge and cavernous and open and beautiful, but also choppy and intimidating and very much not intuitive to the vast majority of people.

Heck, it took me a while to figure out how to make the most effective use of the amazing space and I am a professional! I could just imagine what the average home buyer would think. Is it a bedroom? Is it a playroom? Is it a home office/bedroom?

Funny enough, I didn’t need to imagine because there was a family who had a quick walk through while it was empty and they couldn’t get past it. So much so that they specifically requested to came back after the property was staged in order to see what could be done up there….and then they put in their offer. “Voila!”

This is why I love Staging New Construction and Vacant Properties. Sure, it makes a space look better, that’s a given, but on a deeper level, it has a personal impact on how people connect emotionally and helps them to resolve how a space can function specifically for their individual needs. That’s the good stuff, right there, am I right? There’s nothing better than a smile on the face of someone who just made a huge decision that they feel great about and knowing behind the scenes that my worked helped get them there.

Go make a stranger smile today!