Professional Organizing Refreshed - Hiring Your PWT.

At certain times in life everyone needs a little help. Not that we want to give up entirely or relinquish all responsibility, but after being available to others all day, we simply crave the companionship of someone 100% dedicated to our needs - to our successes - to our goals. I know I do! In the midst of writing this post even, I had to call my business coach to vent about how much trouble I was having with writing this darn post!

Thankfully, life provides us amazing resources to help lighten the load.  We can hire therapists and trainers and life/business coaches whose job it is to meet us where we are, listen to us vent, create an action plan for accountability and then walk with us through the mud.

This is the point where I tell you, quite confidently, that adding a Professional Organizer to your “Personalized Wellness Team” [can we make PWT a thing?] is an excellent investment in your overall well being. Yes- for real- allow me to elaborate.

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Through my personal experiences, as well as working with clients, I have learned that professional accountability is key. Hiring an expert in an area where you may not personally shine not only helps you to accomplish way more in way less time, but also develops your skill-set and supports you in reaching your goals. By definition, a coach is someone who “instructs or trains” and along with the addendum of encourage, this is exactly what I do when I work with my clients.

Hiring a Professional Organizer is not about being “unable to do the job on your own” (most of you can place items in your pantry in a reasonably logical way, I am sure). Instead, it is far more about being self aware enough to know what you do well and where you want to focus your limited time/energy.  

To hire a Professional Organizer is to say - “ I choose not to be in charge of this” - “I choose to be present without needing to figure out the plan of action” - “I choose to hire help simply because it makes it easier and more fun”

Professional Organizing may potentially blow your mind with new ways to fold your clothes or store your keepsakes...but probably not. You can find all of the tips and tricks of the trade online. For me it’s about personal connection. The one-on-one, creative, individualized problem solving that works specifically for your family. This is what makes a Professional Organizer a great addition to your PWT!