JsniderHOME has developed slowly & organically over the course of a lifetime. I whet my appetite for the industry as a little girl in the 80s watching HOMETIME on PBS [my personal "must see TV"], and, one day, wanted to be just like the hosts, Dean & JoAnne. {Dean Johnson & JoAnne Liebeler were the original "Fixer Uppers" thank you very much} My parents indulged my creativity by permitting me complete dominion over...my bedroom. The space was never actually done, but rather always a "work in progress." My dad worked diligently to keep up with my design plans. For me, the old peddle sewing machine was a wonderful desk or vanity or whatever my heart desired at 3:00 am when most of my best ideas arrived [and still do]. I remember distinctly wanting "just the right white porcelain with yellow gold edging "drawer pulls"  to accompany the dresser my dad made me. I then begged for crown molding for my entire bedroom and argued it would highlight the sophistication of the green floral wall paper I hoped for from Worsley's, the one wallpaper store, downtown. {A floral border was the practical compromise, but the crown molding would have really been aces} 

Fast forward to my twenties. I was pounding the pavement in NYC with my, freshly printed, Musical Theater Degree and Broadway ambitions, but still continued to have a nagging draw to people's interiors. So much so that I knew I needed to put in some "sweat equity" {instead of just "trust me, I can change your life one closet at a time" } in order for people to actually permit me to assist with their organization and layout concerns. Mind you, this was way before it was "chic" to do this sort of work so the field was not nearly as robust as it is today.


And so it began. I contacted every Professional Organizer in NYC who would give me the time of day. I took the subway anywhere they requested in order to meet them and assisted anyone who would permit me access. To my surprise, people responded well and the professionals I met in the industry were amazingly generous and took me under their wing.

From NYC I packed my bags for Colorado. {"just because"} and started over again. While there, I collaborated with organizers & designers, added Portrait Photographer to my resume, packed up to move to San Francisco only to realize it wasn't for me and eventually found my way east to Boston to snag a Masters Degree in Theater Education. And even after all of that I still could not fall asleep without envisioning how I would redesign a friend's home, organize their playroom or create storage for them in their office!

Is it possible the universe was trying to tell me something?

So now here we are; much older, a little bit wiser and with the opportunity to finally actualize what I now realize I have wanted since I was a young girl. Sure, maybe my path has been a bit nontraditional, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

My job is to take great care of your home.

Thank You for the opportunity.