Dwellers Overview

They say “location is everything,” but in reality the reason we choose to live where we do is based on a complicated mix of personal criteria and individual compromise. Location is the driving factor for some, but listing price or kitchen size, or walk in closets or bedrooms or dedicated parking {me!} drives others. Regardless of what finally draws you to sign on the dotted line, this place where you not only hang your hat, but hopefully your heart as well, needs to feel like home. JsniderHOME helps you discover what home truly means to you.



Do you feel like a room {or more} in your home needs a change? Refresh is designed just for this scenario. Working with what you have or starting entirely fresh, you and I collaborate to create the space that will help to reflect and enrich your personal sense of joy, style, & peace.



If you are anything like me, you may accept disarray in your living space for a while, but once you reach your point of enough- you will do anything to get organized ...now. Yet, finding the time, or desire to organize when you only have a few hours on the weekends is difficult.

I understand and I can help.



Live out of town? No problem.

The internet is designed specifically to connect people!

As long as you have access to a computer, we can work together!