If you are anything like me, you may accept disarray in your living space for a while, but once you reach your point of enough- you will do anything to get organized...now. Unfortunately, this can lead to quick fixes that might solve the clutter problem in the moment, {which is fine if company is coming over and you know they won't open that closet}, but ultimately is not a long term solution. My approach to organizing your home is less "duct tape" more "calling the actual plumber" to fix the source of the leak. 

If you feel you have reached or are near your personal "enough threshold," we better get started!

"The best way to get something done is to begin."

-Author Unknown

Organizing both for and with children. Believe it or not, sometimes they are really into it.  What's not to love...they get to be around all of their favorite things!

Where has the time gone...and why is my laptop in the dishwasher?! What do you do when you have what you need, but no place to put it all? We will figure it out together.