Organizing rates

Rates are hourly and start at $125/hr

Packages begin at 3 hours

  • Payment plans available for packages larger than nine hours

  • Organizing hours expire six {6} months from purchase date

  • Purchases are non-refundable once work has commenced

  • Unused hours may be gifted/ transferred to others


Your Specific Organizing Needs


"Step by step and the thing is done."

- Charles Atlas-  Bodybuilder/Athlete

Can you relate?

  • I hate my home office

  • The playroom is out of control

  • Our basement/attic storage is not helpful

  • A loved one passed and we inherited...everything

  • My kitchen feels a bit off for my usage

  • Where are my keys

  • I would love to make sense of my closet

  • We have unopened boxes from moving...last year

  • And the list goes on...

Organizing your living space will change your life. It's a bold statement, I know...but it's true. On some level you already know this and for whatever reason, be it fear, shame or otherwise, you have not made the decision to ask for help. If not now...when? Rest assured, you are not alone.

Over the years, I have had a lot of success with my "outside in" approach. By physically changing your space on the outside, amazingly your emotional insides unwind and you begin feeling less stressed about your home.

"To every job that must be done there is an element of fun. You find the fun and poof...the job's a game."

-Mary Poppins


In my experience, I have found that children can be incredibly helpful with organizing their own items. Think about it - what child wouldn't want to locate their favorite toys and books easier? The way I organize with children is subtle. It is not that they necessarily know that they are "working," which is what can make it so fun when the job is done. Think of it like slipping the vegetables into the brownies. All they think is "yum," while you are thrilled because you didn't have to fight to get them to finally have some zinc in their diet!

Geared toward age 4 + the one-on-one with kids is an offering that can be supplemented into any organizing session. Simply let me know in advance whether a child will be involved in any part of our session so I can properly prepare beforehand.


Depending on their age, comfort level, and mood on any given day,  it is not unusual that I permit them to play independently in the room with me while I work. By chatting about their stuff they inform me greatly as to what is important to them.

Do not be discouraged if your child decides while I am there that they want "none of this lady" or perhaps even throw a tantrum. No problem at all...we can try again next time or simply move on without them.