Do I need to clean first?

I get's the "cleaning before the housekeeper comes" or "brushing before a dental cleaning" or "showering after the gym."..{see what I did there? Just checking to see if you're with me} In short, NO - of course not, but do what makes you comfortable. My preference is that you leave the areas we are focusing on entirely AS-IS so I can have a true sense of what is not working.

Is my house the worst ever?

The next logical question would be to say  "Worst ever...compared to whom?"...and I don't like the implication. It suggests that we are all in competition with each other. Sure, we do not live in a bubble. I accept the reality that most of us want to feel comfortable in our peer group and present a home that reflects our personal status. However, I truly do not run my business by this standard. JsniderHOME exists to partner with you on working towards your personal organizing goals... not to compare your situation to anyone else...period.

Can you work in my budget?

Absolutely. You can do this at your own pace. Sessions are three hours at a time and you can purchase as much or as little time as you would like. Payment plans are available beyond nine hours. While purchases are non-refundable once work has begun they are valid for six months from date of purchase and transferable to others.

Book an initial session and if it's not for problem! The worst that can happen is you spent three hours actively engaging on an organization project and now have a much greater idea how to reach your goal.

Can you work without me?

Short answer - YES. {and probably much faster, to be honest} but only after we have one full session together. It is important to spend dedicated time on the project together in order for me to get to know you a bit , understand what is important to you, and ask specific questions.