What are Seasonal Services?

Great Question: Seasonal Services are ongoing home organizing & decorating projects that seem never-ending. With your limited free time and lack of desire, know-how or motivation to tackle them, they can become “must do annoyances” that take time away from you being available to family, friends, & yourself.

  • Refresh Bed Styling

  • Wardrobe Transitions

  • Closet Organization

  • Decor Refresh

  • Space plan for holiday dinner

  • Design your holiday table setting

  • Design/Decorate your home for the holiday

  • Declutter/Refresh guest room

  • Christmas Tree Decorating

  • Pack away holiday decor

  • New Year organizing jump start

  • Spring outdoor space style

  • Spring/ Summer declutter/donation prep

  • College Bound Room declutter/organization

  • End of summer/Back to school organization

Professional Office Space Refresh.jpg


Just as there are cleaners scheduled for your home or landscapers to refresh the outdoors seasonally, so too does our “stuff” need a once-over every few months.

The change of seasons is a great natural reminder to re-fresh, re-organize and re-prioritize not only our lives, but our homes as well.

Of course, you don’t need a “quarterly repaint,” but a dedicated few hours to sort through areas of your house that are neglected due to your busy life, is a great idea.

Clothes Closet Reorganization.jpg

Wardrobe Transition

Transitioning your closet for the change of season is a great way to get the ball rolling for the cooler/warmer months ahead. By scheduling in advance you avoid the unexpected October freeze by having everyone’s warm weather items ready and available.

Kids Closets are a whole different ball of wax. What fit last season is not guaranteed to fit this one, so it’s a constant cat and mouse with what clothes will still work. Add hand-me downs to younger siblings into the mix and you definitely have several hours of your life gone.

Hire a pro for holiday decorating.jpg

Holiday Decor

No matter what or how you celebrate, Holiday Decor is part of the equation somewhere. For some this is exciting, for others it simply adds stress.

And it’s not just decor. Maybe it’s your year to host Thanksgiving and there will be 25 “oh so loving” family members at your house and you have no idea how to set a beautiful table or create a comfortable seating arrangement.

No problem- relieving the stress is precisely what the Holiday Decor Service provides.