You’re Moving - “Now What?”

Whether you’re moving across the country or just across town, managing the logistics of a family move is a full time job.  The problem is, you already have one of those. As if your to do list isn’t long enough, add to it the stress of uprooting your family and it soon becomes clear that you need a few more hours in your day.  

Now, imagine having a partner in your move. Not a spouse or family member, but instead someone entirely unbiased. Someone who will be there on both ends of your relocation. Someone whose job it is to take the guesswork out of organizing your home for a move, who breaks it down into manageable pieces and might even make it a little fun along the way. It sounds too good to be true, I know, but I assure you this is precisely the service JsniderHOME provides.



Two words that {when put together} create one amazing service for you.

Family Mudroom Reorganization.jpg

PHASE I - Declutter/Organize

Starting is the hardest part for everyone. I totally get it. But step by step we will get it done. For my part, the beginning is where I have the opportunity to get to know you, understand how your home functions and get down to the nitty-gritty of how best to prioritize and implement an action plan for directing your move.

Don’t be surprised when this phase takes hours, days or even weeks. It is a lot of sweat and garbage bags, random toys under the bed and coins between the couch cushions. I promise you that if you hang in there with me, it will be better on the other side.


Master Bedroom Decorating.jpg

PHASE II - Style for Sale

When first impressions matter most, every home can benefit from a little extra TLC.

Style rather than Stage is an intentional word choice here. Most of my families are “living through” the sale of their home, meaning they will not be relocating prior to the sale. I keep this top-of-mind when making my adjustments. For example, a reasonable tweak to your daughter’s room might be painting it, reworking the layout and purchasing a new area rug. However, removing all of her toys so she has nothing to play with until the house sells simply breeds contempt and I would not recommend this.


Entryway Interior Design.jpg

PHASE III - Space Planning/Purchasing

The timeline of Move Out & Move In is incredibly imprecise and often, out of your control. Sometimes homes sell so quickly that families have yet to decide on their new residence while for others the closing has to be pushed back a few weeks on your new place due to unforeseen issues.

Whatever the case may be, once you know where you will be living, we use this “in between time” to begin to space plan and discuss necessary purchases.


Unpacking boxes from a residential move.jpg

PHASE IV - Move In

The day has arrived-The movers have unloaded. Let the unpacking commence!

There are far too many individual variables to know exactly how your specific unpack will flow. I guarantee some things will be smooth as silk and others will be very much… not. But not to worry. I have seen a lot and can handle whatever unexpected design challenge we failed to anticipate or simply can not control.