Despite existing for years, Home Staging is still a relatively new concept for the majority of home sellers. Yet, even if you are on board with the process, welcoming someone into your home who is most likely going to suggest [albeit as delicately as possible] that you need to pitch, purge, and/or rearrange, is still uncomfortable for the majority of us. It makes perfect sense to go on the defense when a stranger says "That chair needs to go!"  

So what do you say we re-frame the experience from the beginning? Let's agree to be partners in selling your home.

Your personal is my business. 

In-Home Consultation*

What to Expect

  • Discussion of objectives & expectations

  • Walk through of property for first impression evaluation

  • Verbal assessment & recommendations for: furniture, accessories, room layouts, paint colors, decluttering, & possible cosmetic repairs needed

  • Arrange areas that can be quickly adjusted [homeowner permitting]

  • Review & prioritize TO DO list [homeowner completes staging]

  • Create & Implement Plan of Action [JsniderHOME completes staging]

  • Discuss estimated project timeline and costs

    $300 [up to 2 hours]

  • *Consultations require a non-refundable fee paid at time of session

  • Fee will be deducted from final invoice at conclusion of project

  • There is no additional financial obligation beyond the consultation fee if you do not proceed with the project

HOME STAGING GUIDE  STEP 1: Browse JsniderHOME {Stage} to understand options & pricing  STEP 2: Reach out so we can chat about your living space  STEP 3: Schedule In-Home Consultation  STEP 4: Implement Staging Design {timelines vary by property}  STEP 5: Sell house, move to location of your dreams & live your new chapter

"Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose."

- Charles Eames - Designer

Julia graduated from The Staging Diva® Home Staging Business Training Program,  created by internationally known home staging expert Debra Gould of Six Elements