Occupied Residence

The majority of properties fall into this category. You know you want your property to "pop," but are not quite certain how or what to do to take your home to that next level.

The In-Home Consultation* helps everything take shape. Whether you choose to hire JsniderHOME to implement the home staging or complete the staging concepts on your own, by the time we have completed our session together you will have much greater clarity for how to prepare your home to sell.

Some homes require no additional inventory {furniture & accent pieces} while others require a great deal. Pricing options will be discussed prior to commencement of work.


  • Payment plans available

  • $300 Consultation Fee deducted from final invoice.

We may need to address decluttering and organization prior to creating a Home Staging Plan. This will also be discussed during your in-home consultation. Click ORGANIZE to learn more.


New Construction or Vacant

Modern Home Staging for New Construction & Vacant Properties is essential.

The last thing a home buyer wants to worry about is "What do I do with that room?"  Just thinking this immediately takes them out of experiencing the home on an emotional level which, as those of us in the industry know, is a huge determining factor when people are purchasing a home. 

So why even make them guess about a space? The visual cues from staging solves the problem immediately!

Staging transports the buyer to a state of confidence, calm & clarity in a space. You are truly gifting them the opportunity to envision their lives in the home

$3000 +