This is one of my favorite bedrooms. the homeowners were using it as the master, but it was not right to show it that way for buyers. While a few items were removed, the main furniture belonged to the homeowner. Accessories, floor covering and some additional bedding were added. The entire room was repainted which created a beautiful blank canvas allowing the room to remain simple and elegant.

This is one of my favorite rooms & photographs because it captures my design style perfectly:


Originally, the homeowners were using this room as the master bedroom, but it simply did not work to show it that way for buyers. While a few furniture items were removed, I made an effort to keep the homeowner's furniture whenever possible.. An area rug, some additional bedding and a few accessories were added to create the young person room effect. The entire room was repainted which created a soft, inviting blank canvas and beautifully supported my vision for the entire home.

Design Anchor: Crate & Barrel Mongolian Fur Pillows

I was incredibly pleased with the final simplicity, color, and modern design of this living room. A two year old resides here {with two grownups} and this room is his space. The entire floor was covered in toys, rubber mats...etc and the far brick wall had a large wooden cabinet full of kid's stuff. 

Since becoming parents, the homeowners needed to relegate their "previous life" to the basement. Of course I made my way there post haste and found an amazing, Crate & Barrel Grayson chair.  So I brought it back up, started from scratch...and went "shopping" through their home.

Voila - discovered a great wool rug rolled up in the bedroom and additional accessories throughout. 

Design Anchor: Yellow Chair

Crate and Barrel decorated living room.jpg

Home Staging jamaica plain Ma.jpg

I was so excited about this vacant condo until I actually experienced the six floor walk up...with no working AC.  It was Summer. It was hot, hot, hot and I made, what felt like, a million trips up and down those stairs. God bless the movers who delivered and assembled all of the actual furniture.

Even though the space was small, from the moment I walked inside I was obsessed with that fact that this condo must contain a full size dining table. The one I found was perfect and even made the space appear larger! 

Because it was located in a hip area and the property owner was trusting, I decided to mix colors, textures and patterns. I love metal balanced by elements of upholstery which made the gunmetal kitchen stools feel cohesive. Too "matchy-matchy" simply did not work in this contemporary space.

Design Anchor: Rustic Dining Table


Paying attention to and feeding off of the natural light in a space is the first step to inspiring my design choices. However, in a situation such as this basement condo unit, I had precious little natural light available. Thus, my challenge was to help potential buyers see that the space could offer an airy, light filled living experience even though they were technically several feet below the ground.

My nagging design choice in this space was a blue couch. I needed it, wanted it, had to have I found one that was perfect. It was the perfect scale and offered tons of sophistication to support the rest of my design. A low, DIY glass table would not be right for every space, but here it was not only the perfect height, but the glass  kept the room feeling light.

The chunky World Market Jute Rug kept the pallet neutral and helped define the living room.

Design Anchor: Blue Couch

Renovated Apartment Home Staging.jpg

Home Decorating Master Bedroom Refresh.jpg

This project was a full on collaboration with the homeowner. They renovated their children's bathroom, the master bath, and master bedroom simultaneously. It was amazing! The homeowner had great instincts and ideas, but preferred to have me sign off on everything, create design boards, and actually find her furniture options.

The only hiccup was when she went rogue and {prior to measuring or telling anyone}, purchased humongous Restoration Hardware Maison Series furniture! Sure, it looks fabulous, but the twelve drawer dresser {not pictured} spent many weeks in their living room before ultimately being transported upstairs VIA A CRANE THROUGH THE WINDOW! I missed that day, but it was hilarious I am told.

Design Anchor: Upholstered Bed Frame