30 Minutes or Less " Seasonal Wardrobe Closet Transition"

Reorganizing your clothes closet

You know how the airlines tell us that in the event of an emergency be sure to “secure our own mask before helping others?” This is because we are of no use to others if we don’t first prioritize ourselves. (I may be totally wrong, but the rationale works well as an illustration here so let’s go with it.)

By the same principle this is exactly why you transition your own closet first. “Help yourself and then help your kids !”

Today’s DIY: Closet Wardrobe Transition in 30 minutes or less!


  • Large Empty Storage Box

  • Paper bag for ”one the spot” donations

  • Hamper for items to wash prior to storing

  • Hydration (wine, cocktails, beer all qualify)

  • Occupy the kids (If they are home)  

  • Set timer for 30 minutes

  • Start timer (key component!)

Disclaimer: Rationale not to be applied in all parent/child circumstances! You know this, right?


I Cull Clothes

Note: Since we are doing this entire process in 30 mins, the time is not to be used for “judging your wardrobe” or yourself for “not wearing that dress all summer”. If you know immediately that you want to discard something, great toss it in the bag, but our goal is solely to transition for winter in 30 minutes. An entire closet/wardrobe make-over is not happening right now.

  • Push all items in your closet to one side and then quickly go through each item and remove it if it is not staying through the winter.

  • Simply drop them in the empty bin. Do not fold or worry about neatness at this point

  • Dirty Clothes should be washed before storing which is why the hamper is nearby

  • Leave empty hangers on the rod all to one side

II Organize Remaining Items


  • Color - If you are someone who has a lot of color variety and chooses outfits based on mood for the day, this might be great for you.

  • Type- If you are someone who likes to have all of one type of wardrobe item together, this might be great for you.

  • Combo- First by type and then by color within the groupings.


III Install Winter Items

Now that everything you have deemed worthy to remain is organized and hanging, start to add the winter items. Use the empty hangers you have to one side of the rod and you can easily grab and hang.

This is a personal preference. Regardless of how you choose to organize your closet wardrobe, just make sure you know your system! My closet looks different in summer than winter due to the amount of long summer dresses in relationship to where they can hang without hitting my shoes on the floor. (It’s a delicate balance in my teeny tiny closet)

removing summer wardrobe and packing it away for the season

IV Fold Items For Storing

  • Folding It doesn’t have to be perfect, but do be kind to your clothes.  If you did not have any summer items to wash, then you can put the lid on the bin and be done! If you do then wash those items on laundry day, fold them for the bin and pack it away.


spaghetti strap floral dress swapped out for cream winter sweater in the closet

What a treat to have a second closet to store your off season clothing! I still recommend having an empty bin or the back of a chair nearby so you can lay your summer clothes as you remove them from your closet. (since you do not need to remove the hanger)



First cull through your stored winter clothes closet then carry everything into the main closet room (leaving on hangers)

II INSTALL Closet #1

Since your winter wardrobe is already on hangers you automatically cut down on time. Great!


Carry all summer items to closet #2 and reinstall with the same organized system you have in closet #1. (This will make it much easier when we transition again in the spring)

That’s it! If you’ve remained focused, 30 minutes should be more than enough time to transition your closet for the winter and get you out of your summer digs! Has your timer gone off yet?

I’d love to know how this works for you. Let me know in the comments