Happy Everything

Limited Time? Limited Space? Limited desire to acknowledge every darn holiday on the calendar, but have children who won’t let you off the hook? BAM! Slap an attachment on this plate and your are festive!!!

Happy Everything, the name of the company started by artist and CEO, Laura Johnson (shout out to female entrepreneurs) seems to be thriving. From what I witnessed on my trip to North Carolina last week, you’d think this is the #1 home decor item in all the land! Everywhere I went they were selling these products.

Ceramic Home Decor Platejpg

How it Works

It comes in the form of a ceramic base (they call it) and you switch out adding various Velcro attachments that will project the feeling of fun & festivity in your home. What’s not to love?

Happy Everything Branded ceramics.jpg

My girlfriend, who incidentally now lives in the midst of the “Happy Everything Mecca” in NC, has had one for years. I would see it hanging on the wall of her home and think “That’s cute” - but I didn’t realize it was a “thing.” Boy was I clueless! Then it hit me how this one simple item could be a game changer for busy moms!!!

Think about it…you’ve probably been receiving a Pandora charm, for that bracelet you never wear, on every occasion since your partner discovered how easy it was to knock out a gift for you from “the kids. ” :) Now you can have some variety!!!

This totally cute, family friendly, home decor gift is going to be the new savior when it comes to “What to get mom?! (ooh and on that note, they definitely have religious attachments too!)

You’re Welcome!