Backyard DIY

What to do when it's Father's Day weekend, your father lives far away and your partner is out of town making poor food choices in Philly?  hmmm...How about blindly diving into a two day outdoor patio design project to surprise a friend?! Perfect!

Note: My friend did not ask me to do this. She had no idea the wheels that were turning in my mind after we got the bushes out of there before she left town.  I am completely aware that I overstepped the boundaries of most friendship by a ton. But ya know how sometimes you just have to see what happens even if it blows up in your face? Yeah..that's how I felt. Plus, I knew my intentions were pure and my potential for abject failure was limited.

Below is what I was able to do. No, it is not 100% completed, but you will understand why at the end. Click on the first photo and you will see the description when you hover over the bottom. Continuing this throughout the photos will provide you a window into my thinking during the project. This is in no way a tried and true blueprint for how you are supposed to do this. It is merely what my brain told me to do based on limited construction experience and copious amounts of gumption. :)

Stay tuned later in the summer for the big finish!