Ep 2: The Room Where It Happened - Boy's Room

Ryder blank2.jpg

The way the homeowner's arranged their son's room makes perfect sense. They maximized the floor space so that he can play on the carpet. However, even though this layout sort of works...it definitely does not for Staging. Allow me to elaborate.

Close your eyes for a second. When you open them I want you to look at the photo to the left. Tell me the first thing you notice in the room? I am willing to bet that most of you will say the area rug! It's geometric and bright and fun....but unfortunately not what I want buyers to notice first thing. My desire is for them to notice the quality/function of room itself first and foremost.

My second issue is the bed location. The entry wall makes total sense and I understand the reasoning. There is no other long wall without a window - and a bed can not be placed in front of a window...or can it? I argue that in certain situations  "Yes, indeed it can" - and so I did.

The other reason to support moving the bed is that the strong bead-board sides fight with my desired open, airy entrance to the room. Not to mention the fact that sleeping with your feet aligned with the door is the one feng shui principle that really freaks me out -so I adhere to it!

"Traditional Chinese feng shui school masters say that a bed aligned with the door resembles a coffin that is always taken away feet-first."

  Rodika Tchi - Feng Shui Consultant 


Below: Lots of changes that, when put together, add up to an inviting space for both daily and guest use.  We didn't have to compromise style or color in order to make this bedroom A+