The Room Where It Happened Series: Introduction


With my ever present underlying life goal of bringing Musical Theater to the masses, I decided to title the initiating series on this blog "The Room Where It Happened." Yes, it is the title of a song from HAMILTON, which I still have yet to see, but I digress. Mind you, the title is the only part of the song that fits my purposes so don't go searching for Home Decor metaphors in the lyrics.

The Room Where It Happened Series will focus on sharing my process. The How and/orWhy I made the decisions I did when STAGING, ORGANIZING or REFRESHING a client's space. {caveat: when I remember to take before photos, which I forget...often} Everyone enjoys peeking behind the curtain, right?  Some choices I make you may love.; others you may prefer in your neighbor's house. But either way, I am simply hoping to share how my mind works, what is important to me during the planning and executing stages of my projects and maybe inspire you to look at your space with fresh eyes.