EP 1: The Room Where It Happened Series: Little Girl's Room

Get used to reading this phrase because you are going to read it often here- Styling to STAGE is different than Styling to LIVE. Case and point the little girl's room below. The space is functioning exactly correctly for the adorable five year old who lives here.  However, this space does not function well for an upscale, single family home going on the market for over $900k with the potential for multiple offers.

My task, as is often the case when not working with a vacant property, is to keep in mind that a family is "living through" the sale. {I.e. "living in the home during the selling process." } Some Home Stagers may not consider this aspect, but it is actually quite important to me. Sure, the goal is to sell right away, but what if it doesn't?  In my opinion, the homeowner still needs to be able to do just that...LIVE! {albeit without some amenities and comforts- I do make significant adjustments when necessary}

It was necessary in this little girl's room to make significant changes, but it was not necessary to create a space where she could not still enjoy her room for a few more weeks. Incidentally, she gave me two thumbs up for the space so I feel great.

Bedroom_2 changes.jpg

Below: Major change, but way stronger for selling the home. The neutral wall color matches the decor of the house much better and the more sophisticated styling allows buyers to feel calm and notice the room itself.