The Four Seasons

orange, red, green and brown wall wreath for autumn  home decor

NOTE: Please press play on the music link below the photo and then commence reading. I promise it makes the topic way more fun and sophisticated.

Question: How does one make the discussion of Seasonal Organizing in your home both entertaining and appealing?

Answer: Title the post “The Four Seasons” which will immediately transport the reader to what I imagine to be, one of me most luxurious hotel experience on the planet. Then accompany the post with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons [specifically selecting “AUTUMN” ] in order to subtly, yet firmly, reinforce your message.

Now that you’re relaxed, let’s discuss….your closets. I know, school just started in September. I understand you may still be in transition mode from little ones being in new schools, big ones being away at college, but my friend - it is time to take care of your house.  

This Fall I began offering a brand new extension of my business which I am calling Seasonal Services. The idea grew from a series of conversations with clients and busy moms who openly shared with me how little time they have to spend on projects for their home. Projects that, when completed, make them feel joyful, peaceful, and happy to relax on the couch. Yet, in the midst of everything else, simply fall off the to do list or become "undone frustrations.

This is exactly why you need me on your PWT! {If confused, read previous post here}

Life moves quickly, especially September- December, so we need to start planning.  Peruse the Seasonal Services and if there is something you need that you do not see on the list, just let me know. I’d love to hear in the comments below regarding your home decor issues in the Fall.

Home Obsessions: Vacuum Lines

vacuuming your carpet to make lines

Does anyone else out there find tremendous satisfaction and calm in seeing the lines of the vacuum? For me this has been a lifelong obsession. Prior to my sophomore year of college, I vividly remember telling my dad

"The carpet for my dorm has to be thick enough to make vacuum marks!"

Mind you, this was well before the "designer dorm' industry teenagers have today. Simply having a "pseudo-lux carpet" made me feel incredibly posh. In my mind I was the envy of Constitution Hall. In reality no one cared a lick and my new roommate, Abeer, was a little concerned I might be nuts.

Almost a status symbol, I am absolutely not alone in my excitement for vacuum lines. A simply google search results in several photos and blogs with entries much greater in depth than mine. 

Years ago, I'm told my Aunt Dot used to actually rake her carpet and not let anyone walk on it. Is this going a bit too far? Perhaps, but my brain also entirely gets it.

If you would like to travel down the rabbit hole on this topic I have added some links below. I also created a Pinterest board with photos if you'd rather just gaze at the ordered loveliness.

Continuing Education

Perfect Vacuum Lines Video

DIY Tutorial dedicated to fancy lines

No Straight Lines